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Little tips for self employed at home

Posted by Philippe Waterloos on

Get Positive artwork at home

You can strategically place nice artwork and motivating quotes all over your office at home. “Success is no accident” is a classic for example. At Best Buy Price, we have a great selection of mugs and travel mugs. If you have an idea of quotes you would like to see on a mug or something else, let us know and we’ll be able to help you. 

Make Space to Write on your desk.

Armed with a leather-like desk pad and a beautiful 3-pack of notebooks, you will be ready to write the most beautiful documents for your clients or colleagues! Keep your desk as clutter-free as you can with some desk organizers, so at a moment’s notice, you can spread your printed documents on your desk.

Be Prepared for ANY season

There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to concentrate on a job but the temperature is distracting you in winter! Keep a cozy blanket nearby during the cold season & a fan in the warmer season. You can then keep working no matter what!


Be ready for the Road

Last but not least, prep to stay motivated even when you’re not in the office! Use a trusty, motivating laptop sticker, for starters. Next, change for a new iPhone or Galaxy case & an adorable pouch. Lastly, grab a laptop sleeve that is ultra-padded and doubles as your extra motivation to keep you working hard all day long.

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