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Degrowth and ecommerce at Best Buy Price

By Philippe Waterloos October 17, 2018 0 comments

Degrowth and ecommerce

We talk a lot about these two topics in 2018, e-commerce on the one hand and degrowth.

At first glance, the degrowth (see definition below) does not seem compatible with the electronic commerce which incites us and pushes us to consume more and more.

In terms of e-commerce site management, logic requires us to sell more to achieve our sales and growth objectives. The products sold are not all recyclable, some are sold and immediately returned by the consumer because of breakage for example, then, the trader has no choice but to discard the products.

Recycling, in this case repair, is sometimes not a viable option for the merchant. It is easier to discard than to recycle due to a lack of structure and adequate space to perform such repairs.

As a consumer, we ask to have our products quickly and we get used to a relationship mode, especially because of Amazon, a very dynamic mode where customer service is really very advanced. With one click it is possible to return the product purchased, for any reason. The merchant has almost no option to refuse returns of products for not having seen with bad reviews on social networks.

So, how to combine degrowth and e-commerce?

One possible solution could be the concept of circular consumption.

The principle of circular economy could be a possible solution to counteract the phenomenon of waste and overconsumption of the planet's resources. This innovative economic model is part of the promotion of sustainable development by optimizing the consumption of resources and significantly reducing the impact of consumption on the environment.

In concrete terms, this model would mean selling products that can be totally recycled to make other by-products by third-party companies.

There is a lot of business opportunity but also a lot of outstanding issues to make ecommerce companies aware of associating with other recycling companies.

At Bestbuyprice, in the Artistphotographe section, the products are at least 90% recyclable. If there are returns, these products will either be dismantled and sent to recycling centers or resold as second-hand and otherwise donated to charities.

What is degrowth?

(wikipedia source)

Degrowth is a political, economic and social concept, born in the 1970s, in which economic growth brings more nuisance than benefits to humanity.

According to the actors of the degrowth movement, the process of industrialization has three negative consequences: dysfunctions of the economy (mass unemployment, precariousness, etc.), alienation at work (stress, moral harassment, multiplication of accidents). , etc.) and pollution, which is responsible for the deterioration of ecosystems and the disappearance of thousands of animal species. The action of man on the planet has brought this into what some scientists consider a new geological epoch, called the Anthropocene (which would have succeeded the Holocene), and this action would threaten the human species herself. The goal of decay is to stop making growth a goal.


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