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11 tips to meditate differently over a cup of tea

By Philippe Waterloos November 17, 2018 0 comments

11 tips to meditate differently over a cup of tea

MEDITATION - Our days are so busy that we would like them to last more than 24 hours. In the midst of all the tasks we have to accomplish, taking time for yourself is difficult, even when it comes to drinking a cup of tea ...

Here are some tips, offered by Petit Bambou, to make the most of this simple moment in everyday life.

It is 8:15 in the morning. You have already delayed your alarm clock three times, and now run to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. You find yourself, toothbrush in hand, phone in the other, trying to find if, by chance, a tea bag would not hang in the bottom of the cupboard. Phew! There is one, it may be out of date but it will do the trick. You mumble, the dishwasher did not turn. Too bad, there is always the foul cup offered by your grand aunt last Christmas ("at least it will be used for something, for once ..."). You heat the water in your kettle that would surely need to be descaled, it may have the taste of chlorine, but it does not kill.

After staining your new shirt by wanting to serve you too fast, you burn your tongue. And yes, it should have waited a little. You decide to go wake up the children while waiting for the water to cool down. But it takes longer than expected: Celia does not want to get up and Lucas does not know which pants to put on. When you come back, the water is already lukewarm, and besides, it's already time to go.

Maybe in the end, it was not the right time to drink it, this tea.

And if, for once, you made an appointment, for you, to be able to drink a tea in conscience? You can plan it at a more convenient time, where you know you will not be bothered. Maybe a little later, arriving at work? Or after the lunch break? In addition to rediscovering aromas that you had forgotten, your body and your mind will come out more calm ...

But what does it mean, drink your tea in consciousness? If this practice comes from Japan obeys strict rules, nothing requires you to follow these codified rituals. As Géraldine Désindes, who has designed Mindful Eating meditation programs for the Petit BamBou application, says, "without making a ceremony of it, you can take advantage of this moment to create a moment of authenticity with yourself and increase the number of participants. beneficent effects of tea. "


Here are some steps to follow (or not!) To make this routine a moment of meditation ...

Settle in the moment

Take three deep breaths and observe if you feel restless, impatient, or relaxed. Are there thoughts that come and come back to your mind? ("What am I getting into?" Stay true and true with yourself, there is nothing to succeed.

Choose your teapot and your cup

Teapot, bowl, cup or mug, saucer ... It's you who see, even a little chipped, they will be perfect. Lay them in front of you, observing the comments of your mind ("Ah, she's really ugly this mug!"), And take a few moments to observe every detail of these familiar objects.

Choose water, with ease

Gently use mineral water or tap. Pay attention to the sensations related to the movements of your arms, the weight of the container. Pay attention to the sound of the water you pour, and try to serve the quantity you need; neither too much nor too little.

Choose your tea, with curiosity

Follow your intuition, your inner weather. Do you feel a particular desire? The color of a box, the name of a tea attracts your eye? Trust yourself. You can also leave it to chance, letting your hand pick a box or a bag from your collection. And, if you only have one bag left ... it will be perfect!

Heat the water and meditate

While the water is heating up, enjoy it for a formal meditation practice, if you feel like it. Direct your attention to the contact of your feet with the floor or the seat, then direct your attention to your breathing.

Pour the quivering water, with the right gesture

Take a moment to listen to the sound of the still quivering water, then pour the water into your teapot, being quite present to what you are doing.

Brew in silence

The perfumes begin to emerge and the water is colored slowly. This moment is conducive to being, quite simply, without trying to do or succeed anything.

Serve with intention and lightness

You can serve tea. If you have been caught in your thoughts and if you have let the tea infuse too long, do not blame yourself. Give a thought to all those who did the same (and there are many!), And allow yourself to smile with a touch of humor.

Nourish your perfumes, with serenity

Put your hands around the cup to feel its warmth: what do you feel? Let the fragrances invade your nostrils. Can you feel different components of these flavors? Inhale the rich air of perfume, and notice that the air that comes out at the expiration unless smell, as if you had kept it in you ...

Savor with all your senses

It's time to drink your tea. Put your lips on the cup. Take a first sip, slowly. Be fully present to taste, in your mouth. How is he? Lightweight? Subtle, smoked? What sensations do you feel? If you feel the urge, do not hesitate to rest the cup, to breathe a few moments.

Enjoy ... with gratitude

As this tasting comes to an end, try to feel gratitude for those who have allowed this tasting moment: the farmer who grew the tea, those who harvested it, dried it , packed, going through the store where you bought it, and even your great aunt who allowed you to have a (great) container!

Finally, maybe try to finish this sentence: "Thanks for ..."

You could also congratulate yourself for daring to take this break, which has finally become, in full awareness, more than just a "cup of tea".



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